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    Mar 2012
    You: Chelsea Elizabeth Smith
    College Major: Law
    Career: Solicitor
    Hobbies: Reading, Piano and Swimming.

    SO: Elias Taylor Smith
    College Major: Teaching
    Career: High School Teacher
    Hobbies: Football, Rugby and Writing.

    DS: Grayson Finbar Smith
    DOB: 01/02/00
    Hobbies: Basketball and Piano.

    DD: Ariana Grace Smith
    DOB: 14/06/02
    Hobbies: Pageants and Dance.

    DD: Bailey Amara Smith
    DOB: 19/03/03
    Hobbies: Gymnastics and Piano.

    DS: Blake Calvin Smith
    DOB: 19/03/03
    Hobbies: Martial Arts and Guitar.

    DS: Niall Emerson Smith
    DOB: 21/08/04
    Hobbies: Soccer and Baseball.

    DS: Kian Joshua Smith
    DOB: 31/10/06
    Hobbies: Guitar and Archery.

    DOG: Breeze
    DOG: Flame

    DD: Charlotte Tabatha Hope Smith
    DOB: 04/05/08
    Hobbies: Pageants and Swimming.

    DS: Jude Jackson Smith
    DOB: 24/12/09
    Hobbies: Swimming and Football.
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    |Audrey Pearl |Calla Louise |Celeste Adora |Delilah Posey |Lydia Katherine |Mila Selene |Saskia Willow |Selah Elise |Stella Elizabeth |

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    You meet your significant other in your second year of college. You hit it off immediately and get married as soon as you graduate college. You are 23 and you significant other is 24.

    You: Caroline Josephine Ellis
    College Major: English
    Career: Teacher
    Hobbies: Reading, Movies, Theatre, Tennis, Soccer

    SO: Henry Liam Marlowe
    College Major: Architecture
    Career: Architect
    Hobbies: Reading, Soccer, Football, Swimming

    Two years later you decide to expand your family again.
    James Lester Marlowe

    Another year passes and you just want another little one around so try for another baby. You get pregnant immediately, but when you go for your first ultra sound you found out it multiples!
    Jude Elijah Marlowe & Bartholomew Noah Marlowe

    Two years after the multiples are born your family decides that you'd like to adopt a child from a foreign country. Roll to see where your adopting from and then again for the gender.

    Newborn Boy
    Benjamin Nico Leon Marlowe

    Six months after you bring your newest addition home you find out you're pregnant again!
    Elle Temperance Marlowe

    When your youngest child is one you decide to get a pet or two!

    Another year passes and you decide you want to expand your family again!
    Kate Ever Hope Marlowe

    Three years pass and you thought you were done having children but you end up pregnant again!
    Nathaniel John Marlowe

    Now that your done having children it's time to get them involved in a few activities! Roll 1-3 times per child to find out their hobbies and activities. First set is for boys, second for girls.
    Boys: Martial Arts, Archery, Soccer
    Girls: Guitar, Swimming, Piano

    Caroline, Henry & children: James, Jude, Barth, Ben, Ellie, Kate, Nate + Moby.
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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    You: Lili Lourdes Smith
    College Major: Communications
    Career: QVC Host

    SO: Jacob Michael Smith
    College Major: Medicine
    Career: Pharmacist

    DD: Seraphine April-Pageants
    DS: Griffin Dale-Basketball
    DD, DD, DD: Lia Nicoline, Mia Fantine, Sofia Emmeline-Gymnastics
    DD: Gemma Marie Izabella-Soccer
    DS: Brecken Hudson-Swimming
    Dog and Cat: Milou and Beau
    DD: Amelia Rose Virtue-Cheerleading
    DD: Aubrey Eloise-Volleyball
    -Lili (Liliana) Lourdes - b. 3/22/02-

    My Current Favorites:

    Boys: Jacob Daniel, Garrett Nicholas, Griffith Dale, Henry Sebastian, Jackson Lee

    Girls: Savannah Elliott, Carolina Adelaide, Charlotte Anneliese, Georgia Eloise, Reinette Emmeline

    A lover of Doctor Who, Reign, One Direction, Panic! At the Disco, and Fall Out Boy

    Previous member of Zone Cheer and current member of JJVA!

    An 12-year-old name lover!

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    You: Natalia Jane Morrow
    College Major: Biology
    Career: Physician
    Hobbies: Reading, Dancing, Sketching

    SO: Bradley Allen Morrow
    College Major: History
    Career: Curator
    Hobbies: Collecting, Traveling, Playing Baseball

    DD: Lena Rose (Guitar)
    DD: Sarah May (Piano)
    DS/DD: Eliza Josephine & Samuel William (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts)
    DS: Finn Draco (Acting)
    DD: Gemma Louise (Dance)
    DS: Jack Evander (Basketball)

    Dog: Betty
    Cat: Persephone "Percy"
    Cat: India
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    You meet your significant other in your second year of college. You hit it off immediately and get married as soon as you graduate college. You are 23 and you significant other is 24.

    You: Carina Marie Alcott
    College Major: Art History
    Career: Collection Manager at an art museum
    Hobbies: Photography, reading, writing, ceramics/china painting

    SO: Irving Wiley Alcott
    College Major: History and Education
    Career: High school History teacher
    Hobbies: Reading, historical reenactment, photography, hiking

    DS: August Iorek Alcott (Boy Scouts, soccer, martial arts)
    DD: Stella Wynne Alcott (Cheerleading, pageants, piano)
    DS/DD: Luther Henry and Leona Lillie Alcott (Boy Scouts, guitar, baseball and Soccer, guitar, martial arts)
    DD: May Catherine Eloise Alcott (Piano, guitar)
    DD: Skyla Vivian Alcott (Cheerleading, swimming)
    DS: Jack Hawthorne Honor Alcott (Basketball, martial arts)
    DS: Winston Everett Alcott (Guitar, t-ball)

    Dog: Aslan
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

    avatar by *moogley-mog

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