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    Oh no! How awful for you. Have you tried to talk with your husband about exactly how you feel? Its a pretty emotive topic, so I imagine that this must be difficult for both of you. If you really, really want to change his name, discuss it with your husband and then try calling him Lucas exclusively first and see if it sticks. It may feel funny or wrong anyway. Or it may feel perfect and if it does, then you need to both be onboard for the change.

    You may, however, decide as he grows into a toddler and shows more and more personality that the Anton will come out. But I think for him to fully embrace his own name, then you have to fully embrace and love it. You don't want him cringing at his own name.

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    What about his middle name? Would it be something you would like better that you could use? I am sorry you are so unhappy. A year is a long time.. I would suggest you use Lucas Anton (keeping Anton- which by the way I think is a very nice name)....
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    I never know what kind of advice to give people under these circumstances because I have never been through it. My only regret is that we never gave Serenity any middle names, meanwhile my son and future children will have two middles. Under the circumstances it was hard enough coming up with even one name for her. Anyway, you really need to talk to your hubby about how you feel and explain to him that it hasn't stopped bothering you. Could you change his middle name to Lucas? Anton Lucas sounds handsome and you could use both names. Or Lucas Anton works too!

    That being said, I think Anton is a great name. I really love it.
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    What about Anto as a nn? I have a friend named Anthony called Anto by all and it fits him to a tee!

    Also, it's likely this will pass. It's not the same thing, but I had a cat I took almost 4 months to name (torn between 2 names)... and after I finally chose, I wished I had gone the other way for months, thinking the name I chose just didnt fit her. Now 2 years later and it's the perfect name for her. I know she's a cat and there's no comparison--I could change her name every day if I wanted and no one would care. But names grow on you; kids grow into them. You liked it before enough to be in your top 2-3! And now adoring him should make you love it again.
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    I can't say whether you should change his name or not, I think only you can know whether you need to do it to move forward and enjoy life with your precious baby boy. Because you need to find a way to do that, however you can.

    Some nickname ideas, if you stick with Anton (which I think is a super cool name, btw):

    Tony or Andy, as mentioned above.

    Also, Nat or Nate could work.

    Ace is a great catch-all boys name for any "A" name!

    What's his middle? There may be some great nicknames using his middle or a combination of his first and middle. I am a huge fan of cool nicknames!

    I hope you can find a way to be happy with your boy's name! Good luck.
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