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    Quote Originally Posted by poppy528 View Post
    If your first daughter has such a luscious full name, your second daughter's name should be on par. Would you consider Penelope Colette as sister to Sabine Elizabeth? They'd be tied in syllable count that way, and Nelle Cole is still clear as day.
    Colette is exactly what I was going to suggest! Colette for sure, but other roads to Nelle/Nella:

    Anela (Hawaiian: angel)
    Anneliese (Hebrew: grace, favour)
    Annella (" ")
    Antonella (Latin)
    Arminel (Germanic: powerful eagle)
    Fenella (Gaelic: fair shoulder)
    Genelle / Gianella / Hanelle / Janel / other variants (Hebrew: God is gracious)
    Lanelle (American Eskimo?)
    Nelia / Nelie / Nelleke (Latin: horned)
    Nella (Greek: Bright, shining)
    Onella (Greek: torch)
    Petronela (Latin)
    Wynelle (English: Friend)

    I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the meanings, they are from the internet and not my own brain

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    Are you pronuncing Sabine the German way as well (Sah-bee-nuh) as well? If so, that might help people know that the "e" in Nelle is not silent. Even so, in your case I would probably spell it Nella to get the right pronunciation. Another close variant is Nilla, which I think is lovely.
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    Why not Nella? It's an equally legitimate name that will simplify her life quite a bit. Nelle would be such a headache and probably not very cute anymore once she's about 5. There's also a song called Nella Fantasia that's quite beautiful, and a nice tie to have.

    I really like Cole for a middle name as a girl- I knew a Nicole who went by Cole, and I've always thought it was very cool! And it's a nickname, so I don't find it unsuitable for either gender- a true unisex name, even if it's far more common on boys. I agree that Colette "matches" more with Sabine's name, but I don't think that that really matters. I think Sabine Elizabeth and Nella Cole sound fine together, and I like Nella Cole a lot.

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    I think it is pretty, but agree that prn issues are a certainty. I thought it was Nell when I saw the post. I agree that Nella Cole might be a better choice with that prn.

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    To me it sounds like a nickname.

    I'd go with the suggested Penelope Colette and call her a double "Nellie Cole" for short.

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