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    Can I use "Joy" as a boys middle name?

    Can I use Joy as a middle name for a boy? Joy was the name of my great uncle, as it was a popular name for boys in the early 1900's. It's also my first name. Is it unfair to use Joy as a middle name for a boy in today's world?

    Also, what if I used two middle names - is that too complicated? Maybe use Joy with a strong masculine traditional name? Looking for opinions and options...

    Example: Niall Joy Alexander or Ronan Joy Christopher

    Appreciate your input!

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    I'm sure you will get mixed responses, but I say go for it!

    Joy is my middle name, but it's also a family surname which to me makes it perfectly acceptable as unisex.

    Only stipulation, I wouldn't use Joy as a middle name with a unisex first name just because people do look to the middle name to determine the first (Rory Charles vs. Rory Victoria on a class roster for example).
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    I don't think it's terrible, but I can imagine it might cause some teasing in the elementary/junior high years.

    What about something that means joy? Like Jubal? Roni?
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    I think Joy can be used for a boy's mn because...

    1 Joy is a word therefore technically unisex
    2 Joyce was once a boy's name so why not Joy?
    3 Middle names are rarely used.
    4 Parents are choosing traditionally male names for their daughters so why not start your own trend?
    5 It's a family name (male and female)

    My only advice: definitely choose a MALE name for a first name and the second mn. Your examples of Niall Joy Alexander or Ronan Joy Christopher seem fine to me.
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    Yes! (look ten characters)
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