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    I've always thought Sterling was a very cool name, but kept it as a GP because it seemed too "over the top" (says the woman who's had the name Apollo chosen for 10 years).

    Tonight, I was about to text the baby's dad suggesting "Sterling", but was hesitating, when a text message from him popped up and said "Sterling". It was REALLY weird (considering he goes for much more "normal" names), and we both said we loved it but thought it might be "too much".

    But thinking about it...I can see the name "Sterling" on a doctor just as much as I can see it on a rock star, teacher, actor, etc. and on a child, teenager, adult, and elderly man.

    Do you think Sterling is usable, even if it's not really your style? Or is it too ridiculous? Also, do you think the Archer connection is too much? I doubt that will be a problem in a few years, but a lot of my friends watch the show and will probably make comments on it.
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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