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    Red face What is her name???

    I'm going to describe a girl's personality(yes it's my personality), and you tell me which name you think fits her the best.

    This girl is 19. She's kind and very caring. She is extremely shy and timid, and sometimes introverted causing her to be really quiet a lot of the time. She lacks self-confidence, but she can stand up for herself if a situation really calls for it. She can be "bull headed" and stubborn when she wants to be. People frequently describe her as nice, sweet, and "innocent". People wouldn't look at her and expect her to think most of the thoughts that go through her mind. She's very complex; she can be light and happy, but also dark at times. She's very private. She's a lot of fun when she's comfortable enough to come out of her shell. She has an adventurous spirit and loves to have fun. She loves to laugh. She's open minded. She'll be a friend to anyone. She gets mistaken for being years younger than she actually is because of her appearance. She's very girly. She loves wearing skinny jeans, skirts, shorts, leggings, and knee/thigh high socks. She also loves wearing oversized sweaters. She loves wearing hair bands, bows, and ribbons in her hair. She loves cute things. She loves to dance. She loves the rain and cloudy, windy days. Her favorite time of day is twilight. She loves the nighttime. She loves taking night strolls and just being out at night(even though it's kind of dangerous and weird). She doesn't care for hot weather; summer is her least favorite season. She was born and raised in the suburbs, but she loves big cities. She wants to see the world. She loves nature(but hates bugs). She loves to just listen and observe outside sometimes. She's really into nature and the elements. Her favorite genre is fantasy/adventure.

    Sorry, I know that's a lot to read and take in.

    What does she feel like to you? Seraphina, Lavender, Elowen, or Sora? You can also suggest something else if another name comes to mind.
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    The first thing that to mind was Zara. Also, I like Sora.
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    I imagine...Enid

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    Lily, definitely Lily

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    None of those names I'd associate with that description. I was thinking Laura or Margot, maybe even Daphne.

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