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    Thank you ladies! And no, I don't have kids named Jasper, Bella, Edward or Jacob
    @lexiem: Winifred has special meaning for us so I don't doubt this one. Plus I don't mind any book connection(though my BF doesn't want a Twilight name). Winnie from Tuck is interesting character to share the name with.

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    I love Rosalie. And also Rosalia. I don't think the twilight thing is a big deal n

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    I read 3 of the 4 Twilight books before I discovered my intense, burning hatred of the series. And I only saw one of the movies. I didn't link the name Rosalie with Twilight at all. Personally, I like the name and think it has a very sweet sound. Twilight won't remain popular forever, so I wouldn't worry about it.

    My only association with the name is the movie "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton" as I believe the main character's name is Rosalie.
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    I've heard the name Rosalie a few times IRL, and while I've never read/seen Twilight, I had no idea there was a Rosalie character (I do know of Bella, Edward, Jacob, Jasper, and Alice). And quite honestly, it seems like the Twilight craze is mostly over...I'm not sure if you're expecting now, but I'm fairly certain within the next few years even little Bellas and Edwards won't be associated with Twilight. I think very few people would make the association.
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    I don't think so, but I'm not a huge fan of the name. How about Coralie instead?
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