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    Eric Banks

    Garth & Trudi are having quints. They are having two sons and three daughters. Depending on the birth order the babies will be A.A., B.B., C.C., D.D., and E.E. Suggest names for either gender since the birth order is unknown. They prefer classic first names paired with slightly outlandish or exotic middles.

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    AA - Andrew Achilles or Alice Andromeda
    BB - Benjamin Bramble or Bella Bumblebee
    CC - Caleb Cloud or Celia Chrysanthemum
    DD - Daniel or Danielle Dream
    EE - Elliot or Elizabeth Epopee

    Ari and Gudrun are expecting twins, a brother and sister for their 3-year-old daughter, Vigdis Ophelia. The family lives in Iceland, but the parents are lifelong lovers of English literature, especially Shakespeare. They would like traditional Icelandic/Old Norse first names and long, literary middle names for the twins. They would like each member of the family to have a different first initial, so the twins' names should not begin with A, G, or V, or with the same letter as each other.

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    Hanna Rosaline

    Jonas Malcolm

    Brandi and Bryant are expecting a son to accompany their two girls, Brianne Josefina and Brooklyn Manuela. The two would like to stick with the BR trend they have started and the middle name should be of Spanish origin.

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    Bronte Palmira

    Adam and Fiona Waverly are about to welcome their fourth child, a little sister for Ajax, Leon and Coco. They would like another four-letter name, that is quite edgy and/or hipster. No sibling initial sharing! Baby should have two middle names, one that is a reference to Greece, where Adam and Fiona met, and one that honours their favourite band (you decide which one).

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    Thea Adrienne Rose
    (Thea is a four-letter name that doesn't share an initial with the sibs, Adrienne was a famous Greek princess and Rose is for Guns 'n' Roses)

    Thomas and Lila are expecting their first children: boy and girl twins! Thomas is Irish and Lila is Cajun, so they want their children to have names that reflect one or both cultures (if one twin is Cajun, the other twin will be Irish), but still flow well together. Middle names are Catholic Saints names.

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