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    Lyric Coraline

    Bathsheba & Andrew Clark have b/b twins on the way. For their middle names they plan on honouring Bathsheba's mother Odile and Andrew's sister Lisa, but are not sure how. The first names should be "surname" names, though less commonly used as first names (e.g. Barrett, rather than Jackson). In addition, the couple dislike matchy sibsets and would not like for any of the boys' given names to begin with the same letter.
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    Rica Carol

    Johan River & Josephine Amelia is expecting their first girl. They have two sons; Horton Maddox Gregor & Daniel Ulric Neville. They want her to have two middle names and one of them has to honor her grandmother Serena Vivian and her first name has to resemble her birthday in June (cannot be named June).
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    Ekaina Vivian Joelle or Juniper Serena Adair

    William & Katherine Barton (Will & Kit) are having their third and last child. Their first child is Taylor Katherine and their second child is Connor William. They are looking for a first name that ends in er/ar/or/ and is unisex, like her siblings, but aren't opposed to other unisex names. They are expecting another daughter. Her middle name will honor her grandmothers who are named Ella & Eleanor. To be fair her middle name will have El- at the beginning to honor both, but not be Ella or Eleanor. Suggest three names for this baby girl to be for the parents to ponder....

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    Sawyer Ellis or Harper Ellen or Sailor Eliza

    Owen and Clare Butler are having their fourth child. They already have two boys, Jameson North Butler (Jamie) and Finnegan Rowe Butler (Finn). Their other child is a girl, her name is Adelaide Pearl Butler (Lady). They know baby number four is another girl. All three other children have a three syllable first name and one syllable middle name and they would like this to be the case with this baby. They like names which you can shorten to a nickname. They would like the name to compliment their other childrens names. They thought it could be nice to have another place name as they already have a girl with a place name, but it does not have to be. They'd like a few suggestions.
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    Madeleine Rose (Maddie or Della), Alexa Wren (Alex or Lex -they like this as a place name since they recently went on vacation to Alexandria) or Rosamund Jane (Rosie).

    Nathaniel Edward, nn Ned, is expecting a baby sister any day now. His parents would like a combo of one Biblical name & one family name (either Cordelia, Margaret, Eleanor or Irene). They also want to be able to make a nickname smooth as they did with Ned (i.e N from Nathaniel + Ed from Edward = Ned)
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