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    Nov 2015
    No Coast

    His, Hers, and Theirs CAF

    Another namebank CAF, with a blended family.

    DH (49): Brandon, Colin, Logan, Oliver, Alec, Garrett
    DW (46): Nicolette, Martine, Cecilia, Margaux, Renata, Theresa

    DD (24): Sadie, Anna, Bailey, Kristen, Rachel, Laura
    DD (22): Carly, Hallie, Kassidy, Alexa, Hannah, Christina
    DAS (20): Seth, Matthew, Owen, Jake, David, Cole

    DD (26): Sabrina, Gabrielle, Megan, Olivia, Lauryn, Jocelyn
    --DH (30): Corey, Bryant, Jonathan, Sean, Jason, Zachary
    --DSD (9): Charlie, Gwen, Isla, Scarlett, Gracelyn, Bristol
    --DS (2): Dax, Kingston, Tavish, Cy, Wilder, Bowen
    --DS (nb): Adler, Kase, Crosby, Ziggy, Princeton, Idris
    DS (22): Eric, Christopher, Jared, Derek, Evan, Michael
    DD (17): Allison, Charlotte, Juliet, Grace, Lucy, Emilie
    DD (16): Audrey, Stella, Lila, Ruby, Claire, Sylvie

    DD/DD (11): [use entire namebank for both twins] Harper Lena Piper Gemma Quinn Ada Bronwen Nora Marlowe Willa Hadley Thea
    DAS (6): Nasir, Zander, Mekhi, Rohan, Kyler, Damarion
    DAD (4): Camille, Nadia, Paris, Cadence, Giovanna, Liberty
    Stephanie Rae
    American. 80's Baby. INFJ. Gryffinclaw. Reader. Gamer. Crafter. Hamilton Trash

    Getting hitched: 10.06.18
    Furbabies: Theodosia Purr *Theo* & Liberty Bell *Libby*
    Current drafts: Evangeline Alabanza Jude *Evie* & Atticus Logan Kidwell
    My naming style is: eclectic, literary, globalist, futurist, boho, preppy, a little bit vintage, a little bit rock'n'roll
    NB hobbyhorse: the Name Games forum / NB pet peeve: etymological fallacies

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    DH (49): Brandon Garrett
    DW (46): Martine Theresa "Marty"

    MDD (26): Lauryn Gabrielle
    -DH (30): Sean Jonathan
    --DD (9): Scarlett Gwen
    --DS (2): Bowen Kingston
    --DS (nb): Idris Princeton
    FDD (24): Sadie Anna
    FDD (22): Hallie Hannah
    MDS (22): Jared Christopher
    FDS (20): David Owen
    MDD (17): Emilie Juliet
    MDD (16): Stella Ruby
    DD/DD (11): Piper Marlowe & Thea Harper
    DS (6): Mehki Kyler
    DD (4): Paris Camille
    Henry Joseph. Eleanor Grace. Isaiah Theodore.
    Clementine Lily. Sebastian James. Makiya Jordan. Jethro Donovan.

    Molly Sophia. Elias Michael. Piper Mackenzie.
    Abraham Luke. Adelaide Rose. Maxton Reid. Meadow Renae.

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    May 2013
    DH [49]: Oliver Brandon
    DW [46]: Cecilia Margaux

    DD [24]: Anna Rachel
    DD [22]: Hallie Christina
    DAS [20]: Matthew Owen

    DD [26]: Olivia Gabrielle
    -DH [30]: Zachary Jason
    --DSD [9]: Isla Gracelyn
    --DS [2]: Bowen Dax
    --DS [nb]: Adler Crosby
    DS [22]: Evan Christopher
    DD [17]: Charlotte Lucy
    DD [16]: Audrey Claire

    DD/DD [11]: Gemma Lena & Ada Bronwen
    DAS [6]: Kyler Rohan
    DAD [4]: Nadia Camille
    Favourites: Nathaniel James , Theodore Rupert, Sebastian Arthur, Benjamin Charles
    Rosalie Pearl, Victoria Claire, Amelia Charlotte, Joanna Edith

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    Feb 2013
    DH (49): Garrett Oliver Reid
    DW (46): Cecilia Nicolette Reid (MN: Murphy)

    DD (24): Anna Sadie Reid
    DD (22): Carly Alexa Reid
    DAS (20): Jake Owen Reid

    DD (26): Olivia Jocelyn Miller (MN: Murphy)
    --DH (30): Zachary Jason Miller
    ---DSD (9): Scarlett Gwen Miller
    ---DS (2): Bowen Cy Miller
    ---DS (nb): Kase Idris Miller
    DS (22): Michael Evan Murphy
    DD (17): Grace Emilie Murphy
    DD (16): Claire Audrey Murphy

    DD/DD (11): Willa Hadley Reid & Thea Harper Reid
    DAS (6): Zander Mekhi Reid
    DAD (4): Camille Nadia Reid

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    DH [49] Oliver Brandon McGrath
    DW [46] Cecilia Theresa {Schwimmer} McGrath

    DD [26] Lauryn Gabrielle {Schwimmer} McLaughlin
    — DH [30] Corey Jason McLaughlin
    — SDD [9] Isla Scarlett McLaughlin
    — DS [2] Bowen Wilder McLaughlin
    — DS [nb] Idris Crosby McLaughlin
    DD [24] Kristen Anna McGrath
    DD [22] Carly Alexa McGrath
    DS [22] Evan Michael Schwimmer
    ADS [20] Owen David McGrath
    DD [17] Grace Juliet Schwimmer
    DD [16] Audrey Claire Schwimmer
    DD [11] Piper Quinn McGrath
    DD [11] Thea Marlowe McGrath
    ADS [6] Kyler Mekhi McGrath
    ADD [4] Camille Nadia McGrath
    ‣ jessica •
    ‣ 26, bostonian, psychology student •
    ‣ inspiring mental health professional •
    ‣ names, books, musicals, soccer, languages, & travel •

    ♀ potential little ladies:
    lauren elizabeth⎰sophie jane⎰grace audrey
    camden willow⎰elena maeve⎰lilia adele

    ♂potential little men:
    alexander david⎰nathaniel isaiah⎰lincoln joseph
    archer william⎰kieran louis⎰madison gage

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