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    opinions :) baby due this week!

    Our baby girl is due any day, we are narrowed down to 4 names.. LOL~! perhaps when we see her face it will be clear to us which name to use. any opinions that might help sway us one way or another?

    Marie Celeste
    Rosemarie Celeste
    Nora Brielle
    Malia Celeste

    Our last name is Shepherd

    Marie, Rosemarie, Nora and Celeste are family names, but there is no pressure to use them one way or another... I just love all of these names. I am a bit worried about mispronunciation and misspelling of Malia, since it is not a common name

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    My favorites are Nora and Malia! I don't think you would have too many pronunciation issues with Malia. It isn't common, but it isn't unheard of either.
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    Rosemarie Celeste is by far my favorite, though I think the flow would be better if it were Rosemarie Celestia. I love how it honors so many family members (Rosemarie, Marie, & Celeste). Rosemarie Shepherd would be one lucky girl!
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    Another vote for Rosemarie Celeste! I like all the names except Marie as a standalone, and that's just because of a personal association - I bet I would love it otherwise.

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    I like Rosemarie Celeste the best. Not only do I think that it sounds the best, it also includes all the family names (well, if you consider Rosemarie as doing double duty)! Malia Celeste is also quite pretty. I don't think you'll have too many pronunciation problems, especially if you're in the states - what with Malia being the name of one Obama's daughters.
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