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    Gabriella and Juliette would be my picks from your list. For much of the same reasons as previous posters. Juliette is timeless and suits any age, its feminine without being frilly. I have always liked Gabriella too.

    I personally adore Violet, I love how it sounds and the images i get with that name. But like others have pointed out, its on the rise, big time. Where I live, there have been quite a few violets born recently (working in peds and obs i get a good look at the current trends in my own little area of the world). Its top 3 on my list for my own baby due in august (mostly due to husband's insisting) but I'm really struggling with knowing there will be plenty other violets in her class, if i go with that choice.
    Also, there a number of various Olivia spin offs i see, like Alivia and such. Thats what Livia reminds me of. I do see the appeal of Livia, its a bit fresher than Olivia and I love the nickname Liv. Livia is such a pretty name but to be honest it just gives me that same sort of negative feeling as names with "unique" spellings.
    I personally really like Viola as a less common alternative to Violet.

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