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    How Important are Initials?

    My husband and I are expecting our second child, and if it is a girl, I love the name Clementine Amelia. The problem: our last name starts with T, so her initials would spell "CAT." Is this too weird? How often do people think about or look at initials, anyway? Another choice that I like is Clementine Lynette (this would honor my mom, whose mn is Lynn), which would solve my initials problem, but I just don't love it quite as much as Clementine Amelia. Thoughts?

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    I actually think that's kinda cute.
    Initials really aren't that important and though they are used occasionally, as long as it doesn't spell a bad word I think you're okay.
    I think it would be fun if my initials spelled something like CAT. A family joke that she might end up loving.
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    CAT isn't a deal-breaker. FAT or RAT would have been though.
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    I think its fine. I actually really cute, and it could be an adorable nickname for Clementine.

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    I think CAT is fine. The only time I'd worry if is it spelled @$$ or BOOB (something inappropriate) or something that could lead to teasing like FAT or BIG

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