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    Names to get to nickname Cleo

    So my other thread asking for names similar to Cleo got me thinking, what about longer names that could get me to the nickname Cleo? I already had Colette suggested, any other ideas?

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    You could use Cliona- who, in some Irish myths, is the goddess of love and beauty. Other spellings include Cliodhna, Clidna, Clionadh, Cliodna or Cleena. I think it's lovely.
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    I just read that the mother of Angelica Kauffman (18c. painter) was named Cleophea; I've also seen Cléophée (=the French equivalent?).

    There's also Cleome (a flower), Cleodora (a Greek nymph, mother of Parnassus), Cleodolinda, Cleolinda, Cleïs (name of Sappho's daughter), Clélie (Latin: Cloelia; could also be "Clell")...

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    Cléophée is an option.
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