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    Ok, here's the story. My husband brought up this name (Elwood) a couple months ago after we found out we are having a boy. I immediately dismissed it for being too.....I don't remember anymore, just too "not right." Fast forward to about two weeks ago and my younger brother suggested the name and said he had a friend named Elwood. I gave it a second thought, and I don't dislike the name, I actually kind of like it. The name stands well on its own or could be shortened to El or Woody (or even Eli). It is unusual (not in the top 1000), but not "weird." So, I start mentioning it to people. When I mention it to most men my age (early 30's) and older they say, "Awesome name! Like the Blues Brothers!" But, when I mention it to most women, they make a face and warn me about playground teasing because of the "wood" aspect of the name. So, my question for you thoughtful and insightful berries is; is this a good unusual name, or would I be setting my son up for a tortured adolescence of being teased because of his name? I am not emotionally attached to this name, so be as honest as you want!

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