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    I don't believe in any names being too 'out there' to use (unless the meaning is really negative). I'd just pick a classic first name for the party in the middle.

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    Disneyland - yes really. I love it as a girl's name and would be tempted to use it, and might put it down as first name. It's very out there name on my list I think. I like Disney on it's own but always felt it seemed a bit short. I might stick it in a middle name spot, but I would use Disney for sure as a first name.
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    DH & I both love Goldie but I'm too afraid no one would take her seriously after age 6.

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    I like a lot of ASOIAF names like Rhaenys, Naerys, Shiera, Alysanne, Visenya and Cersei; the only way I could see myself using those names would be as middles (I especially like Rhaenys as a middle), using them as firsts would be too daring for me. Marie-Bonaparte is another one of my biggest guilty pleasure names. It sounds heavenly; however, naming your child after a not very charming nor well-loved Emperor might be a bit of a stretch.

    Some more:
    Senna (it's very far away from my usual taste in names, but I can't help but adoring it)
    Galadriel (along with Arwen and Eowyn, but I could myself using them more than using Galadriel)
    Madicken (actually a nickname for Margareta, but beautiful nevertheless)

    Oh, and I also have a strange fondness for Hayden, but shhh, don't tell anyone.
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    Guilty pleasures...

    Holiday - I find it spunky and fun w/tame nn Holly, but I think it's considered too out there by most
    Jetta - I adore this b/c it's a unique spin on Jenna. But all anyone thinks of is the car. Nn Jett is also why I love it.
    Kaylin - this is guilty pleasure just because it is sooooo trendy. But this spelling looks nice and clean to me, and I like the sound.
    Calliope - though it is fairly well-received in NB, I think most people would frown at this eccentric name. But I still like it.

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