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    1. Peter Ezekiel - I love Peter. It's one of my recent favorites, because it makes me think of Peter Pan or Peter Rabbit, so I've started seeing it as whimsical and sweet, instead of Biblical and boring. Paired with Ezekiel it sounds lovely (and I really like Ezekiel) but also comes across as very Biblical. Which is fine.
    2. Hadrian Jude - Hadrian isn't my style, but I don't hate it. Hadrian Jude is just fine.
    3. Felix Isaiah - I love Felix the most of all your names. This is great.
    4. Elijah Ryan - like someone else said, Elijah is just OK to me...I'd much prefer Ezra (or Ekeziel)...but still, nothing wrong with this. I don't really care for Ryan.
    5. Sean Avery - Sean is kind-of dated in my mind, but I like the way it sounds with Avery.
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    I like Peter Ezekiel, Felix Isaiah and Sean Avery. Not a fan of Hadrian or Elijah.

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    I like them in this order:

    1. Felix Isaiah - Felix is one of my favorite names.
    2. Elijah Ryan - I like Elijah even though it's pretty popular. Eli is a cute nn.
    3. Peter Ezekiel - I like both names a lot. I actually know 2 guys named Peter and it fits them well.
    4. Hadrian Jude - Interesting name. I've been really loving Jude lately.
    5. Sean Avery - I really like Avery for a boy.

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    Peter Ezekiel - I'm honestly not a fan of either names but they make a nice pair.
    Hadrian Jude - I don't like Hadrian because, to me it sounds a little poncy, Jude is lovely though.
    Felix Isaiah - This is a wonderful combo. Felix is one of my favourite and I this Isaiah is a great name, Felix Isaiah is a lovely combo.
    Elijah Ryan - I have never been a fan of Elijah, I prefer Elias. Ryan is nice though.
    Sean Avery - This is lovely. I have always love Avery on the correct gender, it makes me think of the book Charlotte's Web as her brother was called Avery.

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    1. Peter Ezekiel - I like these two names together. I find the repetitive "ee" sound a bit off.
    2. Hadrian Jude - Both names have hard d's in them so although I like the two names I don't know if I like them together.
    3. Felix Isaiah - I love Felix. Isaiah is a fine Biblical name but the two blend into each other. However, this is my fave combo on your list.
    4. Elijah Ryan - too much "i" sound.
    5. Sean Avery - I hear one long name: Seanavery.
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