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    The Wedding Thread! Swoon...

    Inspired by Missus, Sarah and Alzora's fantastic wedding photos, and because I am tired of looking at re-touched wedding magazines, I am starting a wedding thread where all you ladies (and gentlemen) can show us your photos and tell us everything we need to know! I myself am getting married in three months and I am certain there are others who would love some inspiration. If not, who doesn't like looking at wedding pictures? I can't be the only sucker...

    My wedding will take place in Italy at the end of July, it will be a small rustic outdoors country affair at my parents house there. I'm not a wedding person (I've never daydreamed about weddings), so this is new territory for me. Everyone I know has had big church and very fancy Vera Wang weddings, and that's not my style at all (think mis-matched tablecloths on rickety wooden tables). And if anyone has cute ideas as to what to do with the baby daughter (who will then be five months) please do tell.

    So, inspire me (and everyone else) please! Ready, steady, share!
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