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    Almost named my son after a child molesting terrorist!

    So, the name I fell in love with, the one I was really thinking about naming my son (due in TWO WEEKS!) turns out is the name of the crazy asshat who sent Obama and others RICIN poison! Plus turns out he's also a child molester. Awesome. The name?

    (go ahead, google 'James Everett ricin' Horrible.)

    Now what do I do?? We are back to square one. Although my husband wasn't totally sold on the name to begin with, now he's really rubbing it in- 'aren't you glad we didn't name him that!!' etc etc...

    What do we do now.....?

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    Honestly, I would do it anyway. The first thing I thought when I saw this story on the news was "Wow, that's a fantastic name. Wow." Seriously. He's so minor that no one will even remember who he is at the end of this year, let alone when your child is older. James Everett is an AMAZING name. And he'll have a different last name, and he'll mostly be known as James, so people won't even realize it's the same name ... although that brings me back to the point that no one will remember who this guy is so people won't connect it anyway. I bet at least 50% of the country right at this moment doesn't even know who the guy is.

    If you don't like the name, that's a different story. Were there other names you were considering?

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    Is Everett going to be his middle name? If so, I don't think it's a big deal. Your son will be called James LastName, so no one would make the connection.

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    alyssa897 Guest
    I think James Everett is a lovely name and I doubt twenty years from now any one would even know who the guy is. But, if it's something that would bother you (and it seems it would) and your husband (it seems it already does) then I would definitely suggest looking for a new name.

    Both names are really great even separately. James is my favorite boy name (with Henry a very close second) and I find it works lovely as a middle name! As does Everett.

    Some suggestions:

    Some combos:
    Patrick James
    Everett Graham
    Benjamin James
    Everett Samuel
    Samuel Everett
    James Gideon
    Finnick James
    Liam Everett

    any of these your style?

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    missusaytch Guest
    James Everett is a handsome name, and in a year nobody will remember anything about that dude. Maybe even six months from now. Hell, maybe even in a month. I didn't even know the dude's name and I kinda pay attention to the news.

    Sadly, in this day and age almost any name you pick out probably also belongs to a child molester.

    If it has a really negative connotation for you and your husband now, then I get that, and totally don't use it. But if you're only considering not using it because you think OTHER people are going to associate it with the ricin guy, I wouldn't worry about that.

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