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    My last name has the vowel sound "AY" (é) repeated three times in a row, so any names with that sound in it starts to sound very redundant. Names like:
    Élodie Ay-ay-ay
    Amy ay-ay-ay
    Cade ay-ay-ay
    Wade ay-ay-ay

    This isn't a deal breaker for me. I would still consider using Damian, Damon, Freya and Xavier and a few others.

    It is especially bad if the first name ends with the "ay" (é) sound:
    Zoé ay-ay-ay
    Chloé ay-ay-ay
    Mireille ay-ay-ay

    We are pretty lucky though, none of the names we love fall under the 2nd category, because that would be a deal breaker.
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    I feel bad, because there's really very little that doesn't go with my surname (think along the lines of R0berts). I'm not bothered by alliteration, or similar endings (like Silas R0berts), and though I probably should be put off by -er ending names (not only because of the starting "R", but also the pseudo-"er" ending of R0berts), I really am not, and they're all over my list. Sawyer, Asher, Spencer, Oscar, Oliver, Harper... The only name I've absolutely crossed off my list as a FN because of my surname is Aurora. Although Aurora R0berts sounds even worse than my actual surname, it's still really close, and I absolutely refuse to go there. Which is sad, because I adore Aurora.

    I'm sure I'll have a totally different set of problems when I actually marry and take on my husband's name--although I think I would positively die if I married a man with a -son surname--I don't know how I'd live without my -son names!
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    My SO's last name is Simpson. So no Margaret. I know the Grandpa's name is Abraham, but I don't care. It's still my #1 choice for a boy. Also no names ending in -son or beginning with -S.

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    My boyfriend's surname has ruled out some of my favourites:

    Eilonwy, Ellisiv, Everild, Eos, Estelle, Hero, Lorien & Elior, Finn, Heath, Zane.

    Emrys is actually on the list too, but I love it too much.
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    Well, I'm going to court for my divorce in two days, so this is based on a name I'm soon to not have.... My married name started with an S and ended in -son. I'm not big on surname names, so I didn't have a problem with the -son ending, really. I do like many boys names that end in -en, -in, -an, etc., and I guess I would have felt not good about choosing one of those names.

    The bigger problem for me was that I loved certain boys' names that ended in an s or an s sound: Angus, Nicholas, Felix, Piers, etc. I have one daughter, and I had always wanted to use Beatrix to honor a dear friend and teacher of mine who had passed away. With an S last name, I was not about to give my daughter the initials B.S. Also, her name would have sounded like Beatrisss-----son. So, we used it in the middle place. It may run together, but it matters less, really.

    One other problem with an S last name: my dream name for a girl was Amelia. I was worried my husband wouldn't go for Beatrix, and my second choice for a middle name was Sophie. But then her initials would have been A.S.S. If he did like Beatrix, then the initials would have been A.B.S. Not bad, but still not great. It didn't matter: he hated Amelia, and Genevieve was the only name we could agree on. He wouldn't even let me use Amelia in the middle place, which was fine, because then her initials would have been G.A.S.

    S last names suck for me. I guess I should be glad that I will soon be divorced and can (let's hope!) remarry and get a better last name!
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