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    Bethany or Elsbeth?

    I have always adored the nickname Beth however I am not all for Elizabeth, but now I stumbled upon Elsbeth! I am actually going to use either Bethany and Elsbeth for a new character of mine, but I can't decide. So, what do you think of, and which one do you like better from Bethany and Elsbeth?

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    Elsbeth for me. It sounds more complete to me and less nicknamey. You might have some potential for confusion with Elspeth though.

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    Elsbeth, definitely (or Elspeth) - Bethany has always been one of those names I hate for no reason! Sorry - good luck.

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    Elsbeth is my preference, though if I heard it said allowed I'd probably assume it was Elspeth. Bethany is cute, but it always makes me picture someone severely overweight or a cow for some reason!
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    I think Bethany is such an adorable name for a little girl but since it is a character your naming (Im assuming for a novel?), I would go Elsbeth. Little bit more mature & sophisticated.

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