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    Middle name May. Is month an issue?

    We would like to use the middle name May for our second daughter. It would be an honour name after my husbands grandmother. We honoured my grandmother with our first daughters middle name. The only issue is that this baby is due in May! Is that awkward or cheesy? Also, we are considering the spelling Mae instead of May. My husbands grandmother spelled it May. Is that inappropriate when it is an honour name? Thanks for any advice.

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    I don't think it's cheesy. I guess firstly it was given to girls born in May. Mae spelling may be great alternative if month association bothers you.

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    I'm born early may and my first name's Maya!! It really doesn't matter especially in the middle.

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    I have a friend with the middle name May and she was born in May as well, I don't think it's cheesy at all. I think in her case it's possibly a family name too as she has a niece with the same middle name, and who wasn't born in May. It's such a popular name it's acceptable regardless of when the baby was born.

    Also, I prefer May to Mae, I find Mae just looks trendy, but if you want to avoid the month assoication it might be your better option.

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    Yes, it's cheesy, but does that make it a bad thing? I don't think so, but it's your opinion that matters.

    May is perfectly fine as a middle name. I'm sure people will assume she was born in May and that's why she has that as her name, but is that a bad thing? My cousin, Summer, is often assumed to be born in summer, when she was actually born in the fall. To me it's more accurate when you name a kid a season for it to be in the season, same with months, otherwise they get tons of jokes like "you should have been named Autumn"

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