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    Tell or don't tell?

    We told everyone what our first daughter (Delilah) was to be named, and other than comments on dislike of the name, we had no problems. With our second daughter, we decided her name (Piper Denise) in April and I was due in June. We told everyone and found out 2 weeks later that another woman in town, due after me, was naming her daughter Pyper Denise. It's a SMALL town...I was a little agitated, but not enough to change her name! I love it so much! Anybody else have a similar experience? What are your thoughts on revealing baby's name before birth or keeping it a secret?

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    My mum had that problem with my younger sister!

    My sister and I are 3 years apart, I'm Haley (pn Hay-lee) Alannah (pn Ah-law-nah), and she didn't have a problem with anyone on that (although, she's said the options for my name were; Samantha, Olivia, Emily, Charlotte, and were all rejected by my paternal grandmother). My sister was going to be Madeleine Nicole, because my dad wanted to honour our French-Canadian heritage on his side, because Alannah honoured my mum's background(in a way). After Madeleine was shot down (too difficult for a small child to spell apparently), my parents decided on Madison Nicole. My sister was going to be Madison for months, until my mother's friend had same idea, and decided to call her own daughter Madison (who was born 11 months after my sister, but she was in the planning stage).

    My sister, Mikayla Nicole, is now 14, and has only met 1 other child with that spelling, they were 2 years older than her, and, in her grade, there's about 3 Madison's, (we also live in a small town). I think she's happier that she chose a more unique name
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    The person who used my name wasn't a friend, thank goodness! Lol I have never even met this person, but we have mutual friends! I like Mikayla better than Madison!! Very cute!

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    P.s. Saw that one of the options for your name was Emily. My name is Emily lol

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    My older sister had this problem when naming her son! His name is Chance and, like you, we live in a tiny town. She told everyone his name about a month before he was born and a distant relative named her newborn Chance two weeks later! O.O Also, my name is Ashley, but I was going to be named Haley until my mom's sister decided she liked it when my mom suggested it for my name. I was also almost Summer or Autumn, but my mom decided those were "too common." Apparently, she didn't know Ashley was common in the mid-90s LOL! I was named after Gone with the Wind though.

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