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Thread: Honest opinions

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    Personally I like Phaedra

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    Phaedra is my favorite! :-)

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    Allegra - a pretty Italian name. I've had allergies all my life but I don't associate the name to the medication at all. I think of the "happy" meaning and the allegro musical association.

    Isla - Ok but trendy. I used to like this name but now I'm seeing it too often so it has lost some of its lustre.

    Freya - In North America, this name is rare (not so in Britain). I think it one of the softest mythological names around. Very feminine.

    Vera - I know two older Vera's. A vintage name ripe for discovery!

    Octavia - a classic Roman name. I like it for its grandeur and stylish flair!

    Phaedra - another frilly mythological name. Unfortunately, it's been tainted by a reality show character on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta". I can't stand reality shows myself.

    Evalyn - Evelyn is fine. I don't like this spelling.

    Simone - gorgeous and lush French gem

    Indie - I think of the Indy 500 race so it's not a name I would choose for a first name.
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    Allegra - pretty and sophisticated, althought the allergy medication is something to think about
    Isla- phonetically lovely, but it seems to be a pronunciation nightmare.
    Freya - nice, but only if you're going for the warrior-princess vibe.
    Vera - love it! not brave enough to use it myself, but I think it's beautiful.
    Octavia - Very classy, very grown-up, not sure how it would wear on a little girl
    Phaedra - This was the name of my drama teacher in high school, so I've always seen it as classy, yet artistic
    Evalyn - spell it the normal way!

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    Allegra - medicine
    Isla - pretty but trendy
    Freya - see Isla
    Vera - I think I like this but I also think I like it better as a nn for Veronica
    Octavia - I'm torn. On the one hand it's cool but on the other I think it might be hard to wear.
    Phaedra - I really like it. Has a very pleasant sound.
    Evalyn - looks either like a kree8yv spelling of Evelyn or an homage to the villainess from He-Man: Masters of the Universe
    Simone - a good name. I like Simona better tho
    Indie - only as a nn and even then it might be trying a little too hard. Indigo and Indiana are both nice tho.
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