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    Timeless or Dated?

    Okay, let me try this again. I don't want the poll to be public so everyone sees how everyone else voted. (I'm new here, sorry)

    Here is my original question. So my husband read through the Vanessa post and he's a little concerned about people thinking Vanessa is dated. I figured a poll is a good way to get a general consensus here on nameberry.

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    Vanessa feels dated to me. Regardless of when Vanessa was made up or how long it's been around, I still associate it with the 80s and the 90s. I wouldn't say that makes it unusable on a baby today though(I've met two under 5). Vanessa's a pretty name but, like I said on your other post, I think it lacks a WOW factor. It definitely wouldn't make me do any double-takes. Vanessa's lovely though! Use it if you love it.
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    I didn't like Vanessa much but then there was a nice new character in Neighbours, played by a stunning actress, whose name is Vanessa. It made me like the name a lot more because now I associate it with her.

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    Vanessa is not dated. It's very useable on a child in 2013.
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    I wouldn't say Vanessa is timeless. In my mind, timeless is reserved for Elizabeth, James, William etc. However, I wouldn't say Vanessa is dated at all. I don't think of a certain time period when I hear the name, probably because I know Vanessas of all ages. It's not like Gladys or Sheila or Michelle which seem confined to one era or another. Vanessa's lovely name and if you really love it, go for it! I can see it working very well on a baby today

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