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    1. I suppose it was seen as hipster, and may still be. It simply has too much history for me to see it as such, though. And isn't hickster the new hipster anyway? Honestly, I would love to meet a little Matilda, and would think of Roald Dahl's character and not neck beards with knit caps. Milla is a fine nickname, though I prefer Maud and Tillie.

    2. I think it will rise, but I don't know that it will ever crack the top 100. It does seem a plausible candidate for a Charlotte substitute, though.

    3. Isadora is beautiful. I like the suggestion of Sadie. I wonder if Dot or Dottie could work?

    4. Unfortunately, Elza looks like a typo of Eliza to me.

    5. Vera is okay, but I don't particularly like Via. My favorte nickname for Veronica is Vrai.
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    1. It's hard to say what is hipster. The image you conjured up doesn't mean anything to a New England girl. I think Matilda is rising in popularity. I think it will continue to rise. I have cousin who wants to name her first daughter Matilda. I don't think of her as hipster.
    I do see Tillie on its being hipster and calling her excusively as "Mat" as hipster. I would call her Mattie for short if the hipster thing bothers you and I don't think Matilda is a hipster name.

    2. It's hard to predict popularity. Beatrice and Matilda are the top 1000, but not the 500. I would consider Matilda and Beatrice similiar in style. Both so out they're in, traditional, and yet both suffered radical underuse before returning to a comeback (in the USA). Australia is different.

    3. Isadora I read a book when the heroine was referred to as Issy. Also Isa. I like Dora. Sora not so much. Maybe as a baby but not out of the house. Like in Boston they say a final r as an a. Sora sounds like sore to me.

    4. Elza It's matter of taste. I personally dislike this. I think Elsa is perfect the way it is. Try Eliza

    1,2,3, 4 I've noticed consistently on naming sights people constantly worrying about nicknames. You might come with something like Mouse or Cupcake when she's a baby and just call her by her full name when she's older.

    5 Veronica The only people cool enough to be hipsters and seemed like hipsters I ever met named their baby Vera. I like Ron myself. Via is ok. Vera is ok. just a comment.
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    1. I think Matilda is hipster! It's a popular name, but not "trendy" like some other popular names, if you know what I mean! I still think it's nice, even if it's a bit hipster these days. I like Milla as a nickname more than Tilly.

    2. I don't think Beatrice will be Top 100 popular any time soon. It's very popular on nameberry, but I don't think it's anywhere near as popular in real life.

    3. I rather like Isadora, but I really dislike the nickname Dora (the explorer)! I think the "Isa" part is overdone. Too many Isabellas. For other nicknames, all I can really think of is Isa, Issy or Sadie (which is my favourite).

    4. I wouldn't change the spelling of Elsa to Elza. Elsa is much nicer (and the pronunciation). Elze is a legitimate European spelling, though.

    5. I love the nickname Vera for Victoria! Via is okay, too.
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    I appreciate all your feedback, and tarynkay, I think you nailed it. The hipsters have moved on from Matilda which puts it in eminently usable territory: not Bertha-weird but not Violet-popular. Which is perfect. I don't think I'm much of a hipster so this level works for me. :-)

    I also appreciate everybody's opinions on the other names. Yes, I am obsessed with nicknames. I admit it. They're very important to me. My mom never used nicknames with us and I always wished I had one.

    I can't explain why I don't like Matty or Tilda or Tilly or Milly or Maud. I just don't. That is a major factor that kept me from liking Matilda for a long time. Then I had the Milla epiphany one day. While trying to force myself to like Matilda because its one of like three names my husband has ever suggested. I have never read the book or seen the movie.

    It keeps growing on me. And I think Matilda Emerald sounds kind of amazing.

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    1. I think the hipsters have moved past Matilda. They thought it was cool before it sold out. Anyway who cares about people who make their own artisan sausages and knit cozies for their iPhones? Matilda is a great name- use it if you get the chance!
    2. Yes. I can't believe it hasn't already.
    3. I like Sadie (married lady). Dora, not so much. I also like Izzy, but I don't love it.
    4. Elsa is stunning. I'm not sure I like Elza. It comes off a little tryndee to me. I also really love Elke.
    5. Veronica sits in her favorite chair. She sits very quiet and still. (this is why I could never have a child called Veronica. I would never not have that song stuck in my head)
    I love Veronica, even though, as I said- not going to happen. I totally have thing for Veronica Mars.
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