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    I like Rosette, Novalie and Leontine best out of that list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    Also, Cosette isn't used as a name in France. Quotes from Behind the Name Comments:

    "Although its a good idea not to name your kid Cosette if she'll ever go to France - it's the equivalent of saying with sarcasm "poor little rich girl!"

    "Josette is a lovely alternative to Cosette, as the French I know tend to react to "Cosette" as Americans might react to the name "Baby" if born by an adult woman."
    Opinions definitely are divided on the name. I've only met one (French) Cosette (who was in her fifties), but it's not completely unseen. I don't think it's as much the "poor little nobody" image that makes it unattractive (or unpopular), as it is the fact that it's not a name that ages very well (it's too little girly-girly). IIRC it means "petite chose" or "little thing". Personally I would never use it because of the heavy association to Les Misérables, but it's a name that clings well
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    I love Léontine!

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    Bijou isn't a name? What about Bijou Phillips? Lots of names are also words, right?

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    I like a majority of your list, especially Apolline but I thought you might want to know Miette is not really a French name. It is associated with food and garbage despite the fact that it has been used as a name in literature. I have French friends who can't even believe someone would name their child this so while it might work in the States if your child ever traveled to France people would think this is a bizarre name choice.

    I have to agree with Renrose, I used to hate Cosette and I've let up on my stance but in France Cosette is often used in a way to say "quit whining" as in stop being a Cosette and it's sort of an old lady name. Shvibziks is right, it's not 100% obsolete but INSEE data shows it hasn't been used since 2009.

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