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    On multiple middle names

    So, my DH has two middle names--his dad's, and a family middle--and we'd like to carry on the tradition by using the same formula if we have a son. We don't find out the genders of our twins for another 2 weeks, but in the meantime, my question is this: if the babies end up being a b/g set, would it be short-changing the girl to just give two middles to the boy?

    Our tentative picks for each gender at the moment (still up for revision) are Felix Peter Gray and Rose Arabella (nn Rosie). Rose is a family name from my side and Arabella is at least relevant since we like the meaning, but the pickings are pretty slim for a girl middle that's a family name. If it's better to give both kids the same number of middles, would it be weird to just use something pretty even though it's not a meaningful family name?

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