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    I don't think I'd ever ask.

    It's a parent's privilege to name their child, however they choose to do it. While I have no issue with anyone else asking kids' opinions and suggestions, I wouldn't do it myself. If I have special meaning that I want to subscribe to the baby's name, why should an older child's opinion effect the outcome of that? (However, we generally create the name in one or two swoops, without a list or concrete choices - just the evolution of the name.)

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    I think having them choose from a short list is fine, although I personally would not choose to do this.

    Quote Originally Posted by norbury View Post
    We made sure our two year old could pronounce all our top choices before adding them to the list but didn't ask for ideas as she was too young.
    This is such a thoughtful idea! Just wanted to chime in to say that you might not want to discount a name completely if a very young child mispronounces it - especially if the mispronunciations are /r/, /l/, or /s/. A lot of sound errors resolve themselves by the time a child reaches 6-8 years old. That would be my take anyway. My top choice is Rosemary, which could very well be "Wosemawy" for any young sibling!
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    I am too selfish to allow somebody else, other than my hubby, to have input on the names.
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    My BFF was allowed to choose her baby sister's name when she was 7. She chose Loreal. And her mom let her. (Mom is a little loopy.) She is Loreal Lynette. With a last name starting with an L. Yikes.

    It doesn't always turn out that badly tho. :-)

    Oh and then there's Janelle at the blog Renegade Mothering. She named her son Charles but her older daughter Ava decided she didn't like it and the baby's name needed to be Rocketship Rock On. Like, first name Rocketship, middle name Rock On. Of course his name is actually Charles, but they call him Rocket, and as you read the blog you realize it totally fits him.
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    A friend of a friend let her oldest daughter, a five year old, name her newborn. It turned out alright, she picked the name Lily Star.
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