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    finding names that my husband likes- he describes his style as "Americana"

    I'm not even pregnant yet but dh and I are already falling out over names! He's difficult to pin down, but we were talking (well, bickering) about girls names last night and he finally gave me something i can work with: he wants something "Classically Americana". Let me clarify: neither of us are American so his idea is probably very romanticised and stylised. He grew up on a remote island in the pacific watching Westerns and listening to Elvis and early rock and roll. He likes Cormac McCarthy novels, Tennessee Williams and is a real chopping wood, catching fish, dreaming of wide open prairies kinda guy. I know that i'm covering huge areas of American culture here and i really hope i'm not offending anyone!

    Anyway, back to names, our daughter is Juniper and he LOVES her name. We took a trip to the Californian desert and Arizona shortly before i got pregnant, and memories of that is what makes him love it so much (Elise was my grandma's name thats why we went for that). We have pretty much decided on Susannah in the middle this round, partly to honour my great aunt, and yes, partly because of the Stephen Foster song! He came up with this list which are almost right, but aren't quite there for one reason or another:

    Any other ideas? Thanks so much! I'm am so excited to see your responses!
    ~ Mama to Juniper and Arlo ~

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