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    Ambrose, Emery, Alastair, Caspar, Rowan, Noel, Gareth, Leon, Emeric, Clive & Alaric.
    ^ These are the ones I like
    My only problem with Alaric is that it reminds me of Vampire Diaries, but most people probably wouldn't know.
    Also, you could use Emeric, and then use Emery as a nn.
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    Ambrose has long been a guilty pleasure of mine, I really like it but probably wouldn't actually use it. Emery is on my girl list and I already have a Rowan so those are my favorties from your list.
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    I love:

    Middle Ground:
    Leon - If pronounced (lay-on--Léon), then I would like it--but Leon feels a little dated. There are better "Leo" names.
    Emery - I actually really like this on a boy. Amaury/Amory is also a great option as well that feels more masculine.
    Gareth - Didn't care for it until I saw the meaning, but I still don't like it's sound.
    Rowan - Seems to be well liked on this site, but it's just alright for me.
    Emeric - It's okay, but Emrys is much nicer.
    Alaric - I like it

    I don't like:
    Alec - Seems unsubstantial.
    Noel - It's pretty boring
    Morven - Geeky
    Clive - Seems harsh
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    Ambrose -- Too many negative personal associations with this name for me, and it's also too soft for my taste.
    Emery -- Prefer Emory, also too soft.
    Alastair -- LOVE this.
    Alec -- Ok.
    Caspar -- Despite it's association with the friendly ghost, I really like it.
    Rowan -- Cute.
    Noel -- Prefer Neil.
    Gareth -- I really like this one, but prefer: Garett, Grant, or Gerard.
    Leon -- Ok.
    Morven -- Interesting, not really my style. Prefer Marvin.
    Emeric -- Cool!
    Clive -- Love. Even though it sounds like Cleave.
    Alaric -- On my list.
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    Ambrose is my absolutely favorite. I quite like Leon, Gareth and Emery but don't care for rest.
    Most of these are not my style but I can see myself using Noel or Leon.

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