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    I like a lot of names that start with M...but I can only use one.

    I have OCD, and it only lets me have one name per letter in my top ten. So I need to decide on one M name to put in my top 10. I can't. I was hoping you guys could give me some feedback...Thanks so much!

    Margo (or Margot)

    Marlene (pronounced Mar-LEEN)

    Maya (pronounced MY-uh)




    Which do you like best? Which do you like least? Why? HELP.
    Thank you so much!

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    In order of preference:

    Marlene (I love that this makes me think of Marlene Dietrich, though I prefer mar-lay-nah which is how Dietrich prnounced it)
    Margot (makes me think of Anne Frank's sister)
    Marlowe (a bit masculine for me, and I prefer Marlow)
    Mara (seems a bit incomplete)
    Maya (I know a horse named Mya so have trouble seeing this on a human)
    Margo (seems harsh to me)

    Mara could be a nickname for pretty much any of them, except Maya.
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    I know what you mean about the letters thing - I'm never going to name my kids with the same initials. That way, we can identify things like water bottles by just one letter
    I've bolded the ones I particularly like.

    Margo (or Margot) - prefer the French spelling Margeaux, which makes the name look prettier. "Mar" must "go" to the store. Blech. But "Mar" has "beaux" to change one letter, is better. ("Mar" "got" stuff - isn't any better either)

    Marlene (pronounced Mar-LEEN) - I like this one, purely because I love -een. But it is very, very dated.

    Maya (pronounced MY-uh) - eh. Fairly mainstream and Mexican. (Nothing against the Mexicans; I'm just not Mexican and would rather use a name that I have background in.)

    Mara - I like this one because it's simple, unique, and versatile (Mara could be a world-renowned lawyer or singer)

    Mariah - I only wish this pretty name wasn't tainted by Mariah Carey. I like it because it's softer than Maria, yet simple.

    Marlowe - yuck. "Mar" is "low" in life. Plus I think of Jacob Marley from A Christmas Carol. Not the nicest dude.

    Hope that helps!
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    Margo is by far the best name on your list! It is not common, but well known. I find it friendly and sophisticated. I really like all 3 spellings of the name. I really dislike Marlowe and Marlene from your list. I do like Maya as well.

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    Margot would be my pick.
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