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    Specific question about Day 3 blood test

    I have a very specific question, but was hoping someone who has either had one or knows what they're talking about could answer for me...

    Due to my irregular/long cycles and inability to so far conceive, my doctor is having me do some blood work. I need to have blood drawn on Day 3 of my cycle and Day 21.

    My unpredictable AF appeared yesterday, making Day 3 fall on a Sunday - when the lab is closed. Can I have my blood drawn on Monday (when it's open) even though it's Day 4?

    I looked it up online and have read that anywhere from Day 2-4 is fine, but I was hoping to confirm this. I tried calling my doctor's office yesterday to ask, but they have short hours on Fridays and were already closed.

    On Day 3 they are checking my FSH, estradiol and anti-mullerian hormone....

    Anybody know? Maybe @Blade? Thanks so much in advance!
    Expecting boy #2 this summer

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