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  • Amy

    15 17.44%
  • Annie

    13 15.12%
  • Clementine

    15 17.44%
  • Maggie

    16 18.60%
  • Sadie

    27 31.40%
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    Poll and Combo Question

    OK, so we are pregnant with #3! My daughters are Ruby June & Lucy Pearl, and I'm already feeling like it's likely another girl! Yay! So, here are our options. I am still not really feeling like anything is *perfect*, so feel free to make suggestions. And, the middle names we are considering are Rose, Kate, Mae (and because my due date is Christmas Eve, Snow and Eve are possibilities) Which middles do you like with each name and what is your overall favorite?

    Amy - We have ALWAYS loved this name. I consider it to be a Little Women classic. However, the reason we didn't use it before is that everyone else seems to view it as dated. Now that we are probably brave enough to do it, a childhood friend of mine just named his daughter Amy Mae! Ah! No, we don't see them very often, but still....I'm sure they would think WTF?

    Annie - I know, I know I can hear you people who hate nicknamey names yelling. But, I want a two-syllable first name and my husband doesn't love Anna. I do, but I love Annie too.

    Sadie - I was on the fence between Lucy Pearl and Sadie Kate when I had my last daughter. Lucy won out, but I still love Sadie. My husband isn't thrilled with it right now.

    Maggie - Nicknamey again, I know. Husband wants this. His Grandma's name was Margaret. I live Margaret, but it just doesn't work for me with Ruby & Lucy, but Maggie could work. My biggest issue is that I feel like it gets pronouced differently at times. Sometimes I hear Maggie with an A sound like apple and sometimes I hear Maggie with an A sound like Able and sometimes it sounds almost like MEggie to me. It's really bugging me. Otherwise, I'd just sign up for Maggie and be done with it. I think Ruby, Lucy, and Maggie is pretty stinking cute and I always love using family names.

    Clementine - Well, it's not 2 syllables, but it is a family name. I like the idea of using the nickname Emmy, but I hate Clem and Clemmy and I'm just afraid she's going to decide that's her name when she is like 14 and I'm going to croak.

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    I would have picked Amy to go with your older girls, but when you explained about the friend I voted for Sadie. I like the others too, but don't feel that nicknames (Annie, Maggie) stand up to Lucy and Ruby quite as well. I dislike Clementine though; it just doesn't fit. Have you thought of Peggy for Margaret, instead of Maggie? And if you really don't see that friend often, pick Amy (just not with Mae).

    Sadie Rose
    Peggy Mae
    Amy Kate

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    Sadie Mae or Sadie Rose are my favorites with your daughters...
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    Amy is my favorite. I love this name. I think it's such a great classic name too. Annie came in a close second for me but it sounds too much like a nickname compared to Lucy and Ruby which are short first names that stand well on their own. Most of the others work better as nicknames to me too. The only exception is Clementine, but I'm simply not a fan and I don't think it fits that well with Lucy and Ruby.

    Have you considered...?


    Just some fun ideas!
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    I think Annie and Sadie fit with Lucy and Ruby the best. They both have that retro charm. Amy (and I like it spelled Aimee, GASP!) has always been a weird favorite of mine too, but I feel like it's too modern to really *fit*

    Maggie is cute too and fits but it's a little... sweeter? than Lucy and Ruby. Clementine absolutely does not fit at all, IMO. My favorite is Annie.
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