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  • Zephyr Benjamin

    23 35.94%
  • Zephyr Jack

    12 18.75%
  • Zephyr Finnegan

    12 18.75%
  • Zephyr Louis

    17 26.56%
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    Thanks guy! I really like suggestion of Zephyr Clyde... so enexpected but it works!! Zephyr William is also great!

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    I like Zephyr Louis the most from your poll. Are you pronouncing it like "loo-ee" or lewis? I think "loo-ee" is my fave. I like the way the two names look together. Zephyr has a "p" and "y" so breaks the linear quality and Louis is a straight line. I think more "linear" names are better with Zephyr. Personally, I wouldn't use another name with a "y" in it (Clyde).Zephyr Clive would look better. Does that make sense?

    Zephyr Reid
    Zephyr Lane
    Zephyr Tate
    Zephyr Dane
    Zephyr Beau
    Zephyr Drake
    Zephyr Finn
    Zephyr Dean
    Zephyr Grant
    All the best,

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    Pronouncing it Loo-ee! Thanks for the suggestions...I Love Zephyr Drake...this may be my favourite suggestion thus far! I Also like Zephyr Finn....

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    Since I read your previous post, I can't get Zephyr Finnegan out of my head. None of the other options seem as good. I think if you're going to go with something as quirky as Zephyr, you shouldn't pair it with a traditional name like Benjamin. But that's just me..

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    I actually love them all! I like Zephyr Jack the best, with Zephyr Benjamin as my second choice. I love Finnegan, but it almost seems too much with Zephyr. And while I love Louis (especially with the French pronunciation!), and I think it pairs really well with Zephyr, I just don't love it quite so much as Zephyr Jack and Zephyr Benjamin.

    I also like the idea of Zephyr Samuel. I just think with something as quirky and cool as Zephyr, you need something more on the normal side. Just in case the poor kid can't handle being that cool.

    Good luck!
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