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    I actually think Eilir is a great middle name!
    I like Rowan Eilir. I have a Rowan in my class right now and she mainly goes by Rowie.
    Everly Eilir is alright, but Everly does sound a bit trendy to me. If you love it, though, go for it!
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    Some other names that mean butterfly:
    Vanessa - ok, it's a type of butterfly actually, but it would work IMO
    Aponi - I have a friend whose daughter's MN is Aponi, pron. APP-uh-nee, first syllable sounds the same as apple. It means Butterfly in Native American.
    Nova - it means new, but it's also a Hopi name that means "butterfly chaser", which might be nice as it honors your mom.

    I like Rowan Vanessa and Everly Nova for you, personally Good luck!
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    I think Eilir sounds quite pretty, but it does have that 'Elven' look to it that makes it seem like a third tier LotR character. So, I would use it because it's a lovely tribute to your mother, but only in the middle because it will be a difficult name to deal with in real life.

    As far as first names go, what are your three sons' names? My first thought is that Rowan, Loxley and Everly are all too masculine leaning for a girl with three brothers. I quite like Rowan, but it is very gender much so that if I heard 3 boys names with sibling Rowan, I would assume Rowan to be a boy. Loxley is an interesting surname/place name choice, and I rather like the sound and the Robin Hood reference, but it is ALL boy for me. I have to also veto Everly....I like the rolls off the tongue charmingly, but it seems masculine because of the Everly Brothers. Yet it's too cute for a boy. And when I really think about the name, my opinion matches Blade's--it is kind of a silly word name.

    So, I think you need a firmly feminine, but somewhat traditional first name paired with Eilir. I'd love to offer suggestions if I had your son's names.....this is just the sort of sibset puzzle that is my favorite Nameberry challenge, and I'm sure others would love to help.
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    I really like, Eilir, what an unique way to honor your mom! I like Everly Eilir Diane best of your combos, along with just Everly Eilir, however I like Everly Diane Eilir even more.
    I really like the suggustion of Bronwen for you too, Bronwen Eilir or Bronwen Diana Eilir. I think Diana flows better with Bronwen than Diane does, but Bronwen Eilir Diane works too.
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    Diana in Greek mythology was the goddess of the forest, Rowan is a lovely name and seems like the perfect way to honour her, being a nature name. She's also connected to the moon and it's latin root means bright sky or daylight - perhaps Phoebe, Lucina, Lucinda, Lucia or Luna or Aurora? At the end of the day though, there are many ways to honour your memories of your mum, you shouldn't feel guilty about not wanting to go down the name route - once you let go of this I think you'll have a happier naming experience.
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