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    So, my husband and I really like the name Elias as an option for our little guy... But the pronunciation is a catch-up for us! There are a few:

    (1) ee LEE as
    (2) eh LYE uss
    (3) EH lee ess (kind of like saying the letters L-E-S)

    I've never heard the first one before, but found it on another baby names website... And I think the second one is the more traditional way to pronounce it, but we kind of like the third pronunciation. (The 3rd one is used in the song Elias by Dispatch, which we also love!)

    Is the third pronunciation too weird, or do you think it'd be fine? Obviously, teachers, etc. may have to be corrected (but it's probably a name that people would mispronounce at some points anyway), and he could go by the nickname Eli or El.

    Idk! Help please!

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    I think it'd be a bit difficult to not use the 2nd pronunciation. Elias is a very old name and I think pretty well recognized by most people. It is indeed almost a top 100 name. To me, changing Elias to the third pronunciation would be a bit like choosing to pronounce the name Elijah as EH lee jah. It'd seem very strange to me. The pronunciation you really like though, does seem to be very close to Elliott, Ellis is close too (which I believe are both also a variation of Elijah, just like Elias is), which could be a cool name too.
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    I've always said eh-lee-us, which isn't up there but kind of a mash-up of one and two. I guess they could all work if you wanted them too because the name isn't popular. I think Eli could only work as a nickname if you're stretching out the ee at the Elias like it is at the Eli.
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    I think the 3rd pronunciation is really nice! But I do think most people will pronounce it eh LYE uss, which he will probably spend his life correcting. I'd still use it though if you love it. Sounds like it may be a legitimate pronunciation anyway, which I'm sure other berries will confirm/dispute!
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    I've heard EH-lee-es or EH-lyas before, although the guys with that name were all from Afghanistan. I like that pronunciation, but agree that at first glance people will likely say Eh-LYE us.
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