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    which is your favourite :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by billie_154 View Post
    Hello :-).

    Just exploring... Which is your favourite?

    Lucy Annabelle
    Genevieve Pearl
    Lucia Violet
    Annabelle Pearl
    Magdalene Alice
    Penelope Alice
    Naomi Charlotte
    Maggie Elizabeth
    Grace Evangeline
    Phillipa Charlotte
    Pippa Charlotte

    Thank you :-)
    Lots of great names you've got!! I love a lot of your names, but not the flow of some of your combo's.

    Lucy Annabelle
    Genevieve Pearl
    Lucia Violet
    Annabelle Pearl

    These I think sound great and flow well!

    May I suggest:
    Naomi Penelope - Naomi Marguerite
    Alice Magdalene (sounds better this way, imo)
    Alice Genevieve
    Philippa Grace

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    I love Magdalene Alice! Two of my most favorite names.
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    What a pretty list, this is going to be tough to only pick one!
    My absolute favorite would have to be Annabelle Pearl

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    These are my favorite combos. I see them in very different ways, though:

    Genevieve Pearl - Pretty, but still dignified.

    Lucia Violet - Sweet and docile. I imagine this one being a kind-hearted country girl. The kind who loves animals and carries around a notebook filled with poetry.

    Penelope Alice - Wow, if I could choose any name to represent 'straight A student, eventual PhD, and success at every step' this would be it. I can only see a very bright, clean-cut, university-educated woman.
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