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    I love them all!!

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    My 18 month
    Old son is a Victor. We get plenty of compliments and it's not only classic, but super international, which was important to us!

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    My feelings aside on whether I like the name or not all are usable. The only ones I would have be hesitant about are Glenn and Eugene. Glenn I'm starting to really like but some may feel is too dated for use. Eugene is almost ready for a comeback though, I mean others are already talking about Eugenia & Eugenie, why not Eugene? The only other pause I would have is Eugene Crabs from Spongebob (I don't know if kids will even connect the two but just a thought)
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    Glenn - I actually disagree with most of the others on this one. I don't think it's stodgy at all. I think it sounds breezy, classy, and gentlemanly. It makes me think of Glenn Miller.
    Victor - I also think this is an underused gem.
    Phillip - I usually think of older, potbellied men nicknamed "Phil" when I hear this one. However, I know one young 18 year old with this name. It works for him because it's so classic.
    Robert - another classic, older gentleman name. It's not my taste but it's definitely usable.
    Harlen or Harley - Harlen has a Southern vibe to it. Harley is probably the most modern out of this list. It goes with all the current, popular "cool guy" names for boys, like Sawyer and Jax.
    Eugene - probably the only one here I would call unusable. It just seems dorky and nerdy.
    Richard - Yeah it's dated, but not in a bad way. It sounds like a nice older gentleman. It's classic. Not dated in the way "fad" names are, like for example, Shannon and Jason from the 80s
    Wally - Personally I just don't like the "Wal" names like Walton, so I don't know what to think about this one.

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    Eugene is the only one that feels too dated for me too (and I think of eugenics). Blerg.

    I don't love Richard or Glenn; i think they're ok.

    The rest are fab. Love Walter and Walden, Victor and Harlen (nn Harley, Lennie, Arlo), Phillip (nn Pip!) and Robert (nn Rob, Bertie).

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