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    I love Mackenna, and then for a sibling you could use Kinsley?

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    I actually like MacKinley better than MacKenna but maybe it's b/c MacKenna is kind of a popular surname where I live. I would never use Mac names as live in a VERY Scottish town and like 80% of the surnames here are Mac names! But I do think MacKinley is really cute. Do not like Kensington at all sorry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boyandgirl View Post
    Hmmmm, I am not a fan of these type of names. I like Elisabeth, Cassandra, and Vivienne from your signature much better. They are feminine and not trendy like the Mac names. However, if I had to choose, it would be Mackenna.
    This exactly. Cassandra from your signature is my favorite.
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    I agree. MacKenna is much better. MacKinley sounds like a consulting firm. Kensington is NMS. I think of Kensington Palace and a mega-church I know of with that name. I actually like MacKenna and don't find it contrived, but I prefer the spelling McKenna.

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    I agree with anyone who likes Cassandra and Elisabeth from my signature better, those are my top two at this point, so I do too. I am trying to put together a more complete list (hopefully a top 5), trying to rule out either Mackenna or Mackinley because they are too similar.
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