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  • Ezra

    72 71.29%
  • Cross

    5 4.95%
  • Vaughn

    24 23.76%
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    Please vote. Third child, first boy!

    We have daughters named Penelope and Violet. Naming them came very easy to us. Unfortunately choosing a name for this little boy is proving much more difficult. We've gone back and forth between Ezra, Cross, and Vaughn (Grandmother's maiden name) through the entire pregnancy. Now we have only 7 weeks until baby is due. We would love to hear any opinions you have on these names. Please help us find "the one"!

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    Vaughn has a gorgeous soft and classy sound to it next to the girls. Ezra seems to be a very different style. Dont mind the name but not with his sisters.

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    I like Cross for some reason, but also a huge fan of Vaughn

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    I like Ezra the best and actually think it goes with your girls names quite well. All three are a bit more vintage. Cross and Vaughn seem a lot more modern to me. Ezra Vaughn would be great!
    After two years of trying and one miscarriage,
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    I voted Ezra it is my favorite boy's name!!!!

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