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    Awkward Last Name

    My husband and I are really struggling with finding a name for our little girl. Our last name is Cram which is a bit strange and can potentially create some awkward situations with names. We prefer names that are pretty feminine... Ava and Lucy were two of our favorites, although neither are an option unfortunately. Any suggestions?

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    I don't think it's very awkward. I know people with much more horrible last names(Dontdrinkwater if translate from Ukrainian for example or Bighouse).
    Some ideas
    Clementine Cram
    Gwendolyn Cram
    Rhiannon Cram
    Snejana Cram(I immediately thought about it when I see your last name)
    Theodora Cram
    Felicity Cram
    Josephine Cram
    Arabella Cram

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    Great ideas! Some of these definitely got me thinking outside the box. Love Josephine (Josie) and Gwendolyn (Gwen), but the husband is a hard sell :/ I'm learning that the meaning of the name is important to him also, although I don't read into it as much as he does :-) Something to keep I mind.

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    Ava Lucy is a very cute name
    Addison Cram
    Ariel Cram
    Hazel Cram
    Layla Cram
    Rosa Cram
    Emmeline Cram
    Scarlett Cram
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    If meaning is important to your husband, I'll throw Vivienne, my daughter's name, in there. It means life. Also Felicity, suggested above, means happiness.

    I would say with your last mame, a longer (three syllables) and feminine name sounds best to me. Be careful with names that abbrevuate to one syllable though... I love the sound of Gwendolyn Cram, but not so much Gwen Cram. Good luck!
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    Colette Isadora Fiona Daphne Margot Bianca Ophelia Francesca Theodora Arabelle Leonora Louisa

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