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    I really started to LOVE Primrose lately. The only thing I don't like in it is the connection with Hunger Games but it's not too awful I guess. I need your help to find some sophisticated but not frilly middle names. I currently love Primrose Virginia and Promrose Cordelia. Nickname will be Rosie I suppose.
    Any ideas welcome, I would like to know your suggestions
    I love Primrose, it's elegant and so beautiful. Personally, I'd use Prim as a nn over Rosie though.

    Primrose Eleanor
    Primrose Clara
    Primrose Eve
    Primrose Charlotte
    Primrose Adeline
    Primrose Alice
    Primrose Violet
    Primrose Harriet
    Primrose Clare
    Primrose Sadie
    Primrose Esther

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    Primrose Alice and Primrose Charlotte are gorgeous, thanks!

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