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    lilibeth as a given name?

    i came across this as a NN for elizabeth & i really took to it. does it seem too NN-y to be a given name? i say it LIL-i-beth. would use lily as a NN. thoughts? thanks
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    I think its a little to nicknamey for a given name. Lilibeth. I think Lilibeth would sound great in a child but on a grown woman?
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    I would prefer Elizabeth and then Lilibeth or Lily as a nickname - it sounds a bit like the name a younger sibling would call Elizabeth when they can't say it properly, which is adorable right up until the age of 7 and then starts to sound a bit odd. Lily-Beth could be another option? Good luck! (Sorry for being harsh)

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    I LOVE Lilibeth! I don't think it would age any differently than Elizabeth or Lily, personally.

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    Lilibeth is really cute! I don't see how there would be any problems with it as an adult's name. Lily and Beth are both perfectly acceptable as given names for adults, and combining them doesn't change that.

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