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Thread: Doubting Olivia

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    Olivia Penelope Wren has the best flow. I love that combo. I also love Olivia Charlotte, but since you love Charlotte as a first name, then I'd go with Olivia Penelope Wren.

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    Olivia Penelope Wren is lovely and I do prefer it to the Camille combo
    Olivia Wren I like even more, do you feel like it's not enough? I think with the 4 syllables of Olivia that the short Wren balances it well.

    Olivia Catherine - I love it. Livy Kate is darling! Livy is my all time favorite name.
    Olivia Josephine - I like it.
    Olivia Odette - meh, not very fond
    Olivia Opal - I actually like this one. It's very vowel heavy but it's very pretty
    Olivia Hazel - this one is interesting and pretty, not as gorgeous but more interesting than some.
    Olivia Mercy - it's not bad at all, but just not as stunning as some of your others
    Olivia Charlotte - definitely fantastic, but if it doesn't work then it doesn't
    Olivia Coralie - it has a fun flow, I like the combination of vintage and spunky. Certainly has a lot of similarities but I still like it.
    Olivia Lenore - this is okay. Very Poe. Has a nice cadence, but it's not my favorite
    Olivia Felicity - I don't like the duplicated sounds in this one. The second syllable stress is too heavy
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    I am loving Olivia Charlotte!

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    Olivia Penelope Wren is really adorable. It seems like a really cool name. Like if I knew a girl with that name I would want to be her friend.
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    I really like Olivia Lenore. There's something about the subtle alliteration that I love (plus, j'adore Lenore). Olivia Penelope Wren (or Camille) is great too.

    Also- Doubting Olivia would be a great name for an album.
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