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    Names that mean "rock", "solid ground", or any other allusion to strength.

    So I used to really like Petra for a girl, and while Peter is okay for a boy, it's too common for me to use. I'm not sure if hubby would go for Petra and I don't think it goes well with our other girls' names (Adelaide, Isla, Eloise).

    So, any other names for both genders that mean "rock", "solid ground", "firm foundation", would be great. Other than that, names that have meanings that reference strength could be considered too (I did check out the Nameberry list of 'strong' names and nothing really jumped out at me except Griffin, but I don't really think it's our style).

    Oh, there is Scandinavian heritage in our family, so if we were to consider a name that came from a different language, names from that area of the world would probably fit best.


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