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    A Plain Jane Not Named Jane

    Hello Nameberry Writers

    I'm Going_Merry and lately I've been blessed with a pretty good idea for one of my latest escapades but I've also been blessed with writers block surrounding the main character. And that is where your influence shall come into play.
    I am tossing up between two main character appearances and names, I just need a little push in the right direction.
    1. This is the main character I concocted first. She is really pretty but kind of short. She has really pasty skin, blue eyes and blonde hair to her shoulder sometimes pulled up into a tiny ponytail. Her personaloty is boring and no one reembers her from anything. It is possible to forget who she is within the first five seconds of meeting her for what maybe be the billionth time. I was thinking Norma or Nora for her but if you've got a better idea that is kind of ironic, I want to hear it. For her last name I was thinking Winters or something nice and kind of bold.
    2. When I first came up with the idea this is the girl I managed to name first. She is half-Japanese and has a really strong Japanese name. She too, like the first girl, is really pretty but very forgettable with a boring, straight-laced personality. I was thining Tamako or Yukiko Akiyama for her.
    By the way this is a story set in the real life setting of Australia but mostly within a fictional town.

    So basically, I just want a name for my plain Jane main character that isn't Jane. In this case I would love ironic names
    Thank you, Going_Merry

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    I am shutting this terrible post down...

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