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    Thank you uselesskitty, congrats and good luck to you too! We are just about at the exact same point in pregnancy so it's nice to have found someone with such similar situations. It will get easier for both of us as things move along so until then, I'm just trying to keep busy (or at least keep my mind busy) with other things and try not to focus on the "what if's" too much. Sometimes you just can't help it of course but I try to limit the worry/freakout sessions. My hubby is very supportive and that helps too, I hope you have good support as well. Have you had any bloodwork or an ultrasound yet? The ultrasound is kind of pointless but it did show the proper thickness and whatever else is supposed to be there this early... Take care of yourself and the orange-seed!!

    No ultrasounds or blood-work yet. I was supposed to see my OB today, but I pushed it to Friday. Everything is going well though. Last time I had spotting right from the get-go and this time there has been none. Trying to keep stress to a minimum has been challenging though. :/ I know how you feel.

    I hope everything is going well and that the bed rest helped! Wishing you the best.
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