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    The only ones I care for are:

    Macey (spelled Macy)

    ** The opinions expressed above are not meant to be reflective of Nameberry as a whole but are my opinion and mine alone. **

    Mommy to:
    Henry Nathaniel (3) and Julia Paige (1)

    Current favorites:
    Bennett - Emmett - Felix - Oliver - Owen - Preston - Samuel
    Abigail - Claire - Clara - Hope - Lydia - Maude - Molly

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    Riley - Prefer for a boy.
    Megan - Was so over done in my generation that I am just bored of it and all it's various spellings and pronunciations.
    Macey - It's cute, prefer Macie.
    Harper - A bit trendy, but not a bad name.
    Heather - See Megan. Also I find it too, breathy if that makes sense.
    Victoria - Love it. Strong, classic, and feminine without being too frilly.
    Ariana - It's cute. Not a personaly favorite, but still nice.
    Aubrey - Meh.
    Aurelia - Love.
    Aviana - Love.
    Dalis - Dallas* It's a huge pet peeve of mine when people misspell words.
    Peyton - Not a fan.

    Jackson - Alright, bit overdone for me.
    Caleb - Meh, again it's ok. Just NMS.
    Seth - Love it.
    Mason - Love.
    Percy - Weasley. But even without that association it sounds a bit prissy.
    Darien - Prefer Darion, but I do like it.
    Dalton - Alright.
    Austin - Alright.
    Connor - Meh, again overdone.
    Ja(y)ce - Jace. It's cute, simple and to the point.
    Tanner - Nope. Should be left as a word.
    Gideon - Alright.
    Gannon - No thank you.
    Holdon - It's nice, not a favorite, but nice.
    Kenton - See Holdon.
    Emeric - No thank you.
    Phelan - As in a felon/felony?
    Aeneas - No.
    Za(y)ne - Zane. I like it.

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    In order of what I like
    Aubrey - love
    Ariana - pretty
    Macey - I like it, but there are too many spellings for me to love it
    Aviana - interesting, but not fabulous
    Megan - meh, I know dozens, it's fine. I really like Meg
    Heather - meh, it's okay
    Riley - not for a girl
    Harper - not a fan, too trendy sounding
    Peyton - trendy
    Victoria - not one I like
    Aurelia - aureola
    Dalis - no, hate

    Zane - love
    Darien - I like it a lot!
    Seth - love
    Gideon - love
    Caleb - nice
    Emeric - I don't mind this one actually
    Jackson - meh, it's okay, quite common
    Mason - meh
    Connor - meh, really common, not a favorite
    Dalton - meh, not terrible
    Austin - meh
    Jace - okay
    Aeneas - meh, maybe as a middle
    Tanner - meh, trendy
    Holdon - not fond
    Kenton - not one I like
    Percy - sorry, it's all old man for me
    Gannon - no
    Phelan - phallic, felon
    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
    Due in January!

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    Riley - too gender neutral for me
    Megan - ok, slightly dated, but maybe will be cool again for our kids
    Macey - eh
    Harper - I don't love the sound of this name
    Heather - I think this is a pretty name
    Victoria - love it
    Ariana - pretty, but it's hard to stand out from other similar names
    Aubrey - ok, but I like audrey better
    Aurelia - Love it
    Aviana - pretty, but so many avas out there, I don't know if I'd want it.
    Dalis - pronounced like the city in Texas? I would not use
    Peyton - trendy

    Jackson - a little trendy
    Caleb - biblical, not my favorite sound
    Seth - ok
    Mason - not my style
    Percy - I am not bold enough to give this to a man
    Darien - never heard of it
    Dalton - yes! I know a little boy with this and it's very cute on him.
    Austin - I would use only if there was a connection to the Texas city
    Connor - OK
    Ja(y)ce - eh, trendy
    Tanner - no
    Gideon - I would love to meet one, but I don't know if I want one myself
    Gannon - no
    Holdon - no, hold- on?, not even holden? don't like either
    Kenton - no
    Emeric - hmmm... made up, but sounds ok
    Phelan - no
    Aeneas - difficult pronounciation
    Za(y)ne - I like it only without the y

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    Riley - I like this for a boy or a girl, I don't really have a preference. It works nice as a middle name paired with a really girly first name.
    Megan - kinda dated, but not bad
    Macey - I prefer Maisie.
    Harper - the Harper train has come and gone in my opinion.
    Heather - 80s
    Victoria - can be nice if paired with a more modern or trendy name
    Ariana - very pretty!
    Aubrey - I prefer Audrey
    Aurelia - gorgeous!
    Aviana - not my style, but not bad
    Dalis - dislike a lot
    Peyton - cute

    I like Maisie, but only spelled that way. Ariana and Auriela are close seconds and thirds. Riley and Peyton are nice as well, but I think both could be paired with a really girl name. Ariana Peyton for example.

    Jackson - nice
    Caleb - I like this a lot
    Seth - love
    Mason - like
    Percy -eh
    Darien - dislike
    Dalton - eh
    Austin - LOVE
    Connor - like a lot!
    Ja(y)ce - prefer Jase or Jace
    Tanner - kinda trendy, but I like it
    Gideon - great middle name
    Gannon - dislike
    Holdon - prefer Holden
    Kenton - dislike
    Emeric - dislike
    Phelan - dislike
    Aeneas - dislike
    Za(y)ne - dislike

    Seth, Mason, Austin, Gideon are my faves.
    alyssa ϟ 23 ϟ usa ϟ name lover

    Girls: Emilia Jane, Anastasia Louise, (still working on girls list)
    Boys: Aiden James, Jase Alexander, Tristan Roy, Henry Augustus, Isaac Benjamin

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