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    LoungeLemon, if you feel that the owners of a community should post only facts about a name, there are TONS of other sites. Behindthename is one of the most accurate, I believe. Strictly the facts.

    What makes nameberry special IS the commentary. Its like a chance to feel the pulse of what's going on name-wise at any given moment. Is this name generally considered dated, hip, boring, trashy? Those are cool things to know. Not everyone is always going to agree and that's ok too. Doesn't mean there shouldnt be opinions at all. Rather then getting up in arms because someone insulted a name you like, you can instead consider it enlightening. "Huh. I find Agatha so elegant. I didn't realize that it makes others think of hags." I bet most people choose a name are more concerned with the general feel and opinions towards the name they choose rather then the straight up history of it.

    If you dont like that about nameberry, cool. Check out somewhere else instead, because it is something that sets nameberry apart from other name databases.

    One problem is that with any fashionable thing, it can change quickly, and could be difficult to keep up with. Maybe a couple months ago Doris was the very definition of frump, but now it might be the next up-and-coming hipster choice. That's why Pam and Linda need our opinions too.

    That said, I'm American, and I've never heard of this Melita as a coffee filter thing. I think you are safe to use it.
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